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Resources for Teachers & Schools

At the Monroe County Museum, we make learning fun! Education is central to our mission, and we are pleased to offer a wide variety of exciting programs for students and teachers. For more information, to schedule a field trip or to reserve a space for your classroom in one of our popular education programs, please contact our education director, Rhonda Burch, at 251-575-8171 or


Field Trips
   The Monroe County Museum offers several outstanding field trips each year.  These trips offer unique educational enrichment opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else. Our Education Department welcomes inquiries from teachers and schools. Call today to find out how these opportunities can serve your students.

Pioneer Days at Rikard’s Mill -

    Each November, the Museum’s Rikard’s Mill Historical Park in Beatrice returns to Pioneer Days. Just a short drive north of Monroeville, the park features an 1845 working grist mill built by Jake Rikard. Powered by water from Flat Creek, the mill still grinds corn into grits and corn meal. The park includes a sugar cane mill, a blacksmith shop, the “miller’s cabin” and an old covered bridge gift shop. Students can see a number of old tools and farm machinery used by early settlers.
   Pioneer Days assembles a number of demonstrators who recreate life in the mid-1800s. Students can watch demonstrators weave fabric, make quilts, construct musical instruments and extract juice from sugar cane for syrup making. This is a great opportunity for students to step back in time and experience life in early Alabama.


“A Day In Old Monroeville” 

Available year round but must be scheduled

in advance
   Bring your students to the Old Courthouse Museum for an experience in history and literature.  “A Day In Old Monroeville” takes participants back in time to learn about early Monroeville and how it helped shape the book To Kill A Mockingbird. We assemble a wonderful group of faculty volunteers who take your students through the various courthouse exhibit rooms which include the 1930s law office, the Harper Lee and Truman Capote rooms, the Atticus Finch Memorial, old records in the archives room, the play sets and the original old courtroom.  Be attentive, because we sometimes see a “ghost appearance” from one of the characters from the book, or, evidence that “Boo Radley” has been here.


School Tours
   Call our education department to arrange a school tour of the Old Courthouse Museum, the Alabama River Museum, Rikard’s Mill, Old Bethany Baptist Church in Burnt Corn or other historical Monroe County sites.  We will be happy to help you arrange an experience that brings people and history together.


History Adventure Camp - June
   The summer history camp is a week-long day camp for children in grades 2 through 6.  Each day allows students to experience and learn a specific historical theme. The camp may include swimming, hiking, Creek Indian culture, historical artifacts and a nature presentation. Space is limited, so call us early for more information.

To Kill A Mockingbird Teaching Aids for Your Classroom
   Want to enhance your classroom experience?  If you can’t come to Monroeville, we can help bring “Maycomb” to you!  Be sure to look at these classroom and teaching enhancements.

To Kill A Mockingbird – Teachers Guide $24.99
   This useful binder is filled with strategies, questions, exercises and information designed to help your students achieve a meaningful learning experience when reading and discussing the novel.

To Kill A Mockingbird – Harper Lee’s Scrapbook $24.99
   Another useful binder filled with news clips and articles about Harper Lee, her successful novel and the making of the movie.

To Kill A Mockingbird – by Harper Lee $25.99
   The 50th Anniversary edition of the novel is available with a special Monroe County  Museum seal – right from the old courthouse!

DVDs of our Scenes and Stories of Monroeville Teacher Workshop are available through our gift shop.

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